Vicki describes her style as impressionistic-realism. She feels painting is a spiritual experience. The gift of being able to express God's handiwork continues to inspire her,whether it is the beauty of fresh cut roses or the light cast on a country road. 
Vicki is a native of Charleston,SC. She studied interior design in college and owned a successful design practice for 25 years. The influence of her design background is reflected in many of her pieces. Living in a place like Charleston just adds to the experience. 
She is an award winning artist who shows her work in juried art shows around Charleston. She continues to be one of the featured artists in the Piccolo-Spoleto and Southeastern Wildlife Expo. Vicki has continued her studies with master artists, Scott Christiansen, CW Mundy, Sheri McGraw and Kevin Macpherson and continues to explore new possibilities in her art.