Marilyn Bailey’s sculptural jewelry pieces are recognized across the country for their elegant, sensual forms, designed to enhance the human body. He earrings,bracelets,belts, and neck pieces are hand-forged using raising techniques that create a look of volume, yet allow it to remain lightweight and comfortable to wear.

After earning her B.F.A degree from the Northern Michigan University, Marilyn Bailey studied with Richard Thomas at Cranbrook Academy of Art, where she earned her Masters in Fine arts degree in metalsmithing. At CranBrook she had two years of intensive training, studying the structure of metals and how they move.

Today, Marilyn hammers each individual piece of jewelry from sheets of either silver or gold, using either the spiculum or anticlastic raising techniques. Her jewelry has wonderful curves, which contribute to its strength, also catches the light and gives the impression of graceful movement.

Marilyn lives in the mountains of Western North Carolina where her studio is still located today.