I am a classically trained painter having earned a BFA with a concentration in painting. Working in studio and plein air, dividing my time between upstate NY and Seabrook Is SC. Through my Art I try and convey a sense of familiarity via the subject matter, utilizing the interjection of abstract elements by means of colour, brushwork and paint application.  The Crossroads Series, is a ongoing body of work which addresses the subject of mobility. That which is accessible, inaccessible and the divisions or challenges that can arise. The series explores the idea that mobility is not limited to physical action. It can be a "state of mind" ruled by circumstances. I utilize the horse as one of the first means that allowed humans mobility.

COLLECTIONS Palm Beach Fl/ New York NY/ Charleston SC/ Long Island NY/ Washington DC/ Brunswick Ma/ Myrtle Beach SC/ Buffalo NY/ Houston Tx/ Montauk NY/ Charlotte NC/ Newbury Vt/ Dallas Tx/ Annapolis Maryland International Collections/ England / Capetown South Africa

BFA University of Buffalo at Buffalo NY

*University of Buffalo, Faculty of Arts and Letters for Outstanding Achievement in the Department of Art